The Benefits of Surfing

Cardiovascular, Systolic & Diastolic, And Heart Health
Paddling out against waves is no easy feat, it requires a tremendous amount of physical fitness. Consistent paddling gets the cardiovascular muscle pumping hard whilst using the muscles in your shoulders, back, arms and buttocks. Its certainly a work out! When you train your body to the point of being out of breath overtime this lowers your blood pressure & resting heart rate, which decreases your risk of heart attacks, stroke and other diseases whilst keeping you fit and healthy! Surfing is a great way to add a healthy dose of cardio into your life.

Marco Barrantes

Founder / CEO

"Thank you Marco - I will be back next year summer, can't wait to take the advance classes! Love Kerry."
Kerry Smith
"What a thrill I was soar the first 2 days, however, I counldn't resist the feeling of riding perfect knee high waves.. and overall experience with tutors was the BEST!"!
Jolie Hendricks
Tier 2


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