Shoulder & Back Strength

Functional movements such as the single shoulder dislocate movement that is carried out whilst paddling through waves, strengthens the arms and the shoulders. It is a repetitive movement that contributes to the overall tone and strength of the deltoid, pectoral, and rotator cuff. The supine position used whilst lying face down on the board subtly engages the lumbar muscles which works to strengthen the back as a whole. Having a strong back leads to better stability, flexibility and endurance – essential for surfing.

Outdoors In Natural Environment

Remember that feeling when you were a child of the wind in your hair as you flew high on the swings, running through puddles in your wellies, and rolling in fallen autumn leaves in the park with your family. Breathing in fresh clean air helps to combat stress, low mood and fatigue.

Calorie Burner

According to various government health sources, the exact figure is hard to land on. On average an 180-pound person surfing for 30- 60 minutes can burn as many as 130 to 260 calories. This depends on the intensity of the session. Battling through dumpy sets is much for taxing on the body, paddling out at ease and catching smooth, clean, green waves. Regardless of the figure, the benefits of getting out there, massively outweigh the alternative of sitting on your bum!

Stress & Tension

Riding your body of stress and the negatives effects that correlate couldn’t be more of a priority. Stress and inflammation has been identified as a root and trigger of physical harm within the body. If you persistently feel overwhelmed, anxious, wound up, suffer with headaches and problems with sleep then there is a high chance you are struggling with symptomatic or real stress. Stress can make life feel tough and make day to day task completion a real challenge. It can seep into your home life, work life, and impact important relationships. A combination of exercise, being outdoors amongst nature, doing something fun and challenging releases stress hormones like cortisol, and endorphins the natural painkillers linked to improving mood and easing pain! What’s not to love?